How To Do The Cornice Installations?

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You have just constructed your new house in a nearby neighborhood, now the construction has reached its final stages and within a week you will be handed over the newly structured lodge place. The furnishing still requires certain finishes, but you intend to draw up the equipment to close the job yourself.

The finishing job requires you to install cornices around the house. As much as this job sounds easy and preluding, but in reality, the task is quite complex which needs acute and meticulous measurements in order to avoid any misdirected experimentation. In order to save you from getting misdirected while cornice installation around the house, we are bringing you effective steps in this ultimate guide that will surely help you to complete the task precisely and scrupulously. 

How to install cornice?  The very first that pops in our minds is the question or query regarding what really is a cornice? Cornices are basically decorative pieces or moldings that are installed to join the ceilings of your house to the walls while proffering a clearer and finishing look to the overall aesthetic view. Sometimes called ‘coving’ in other countries, these molds are prepared specifically using plastic, paper or polystyrene of special kind.Just follow the following steps and save yourselves from tippling on the hustle of building up a cornice around your house.

1. Picking just the right tools and equipment

For the very first step, you need to visit the nearby hardware store and pick the relevant materials and tools to initiate with the task. To begin with your shopping spree, you need to pick the cornice shape of your preference. There are various shapes to pick from so choose the one that sits perfect for the view and is even cheap on the pockets. Buying glove is also very essential because you will be working with sharp tools and materials which can prove detrimental if not handled properly. Apart from this you will be needing cornice cement, a container to mix it in, a saw, sandpaper, spatula and a good measuring tape to check out with.

2. Protect your floor underneath

Before you begin with installation you desperately need to cover up the floor of your house where cornices are to be installed by laying plastic sheet or tarpaulin in order to save them from any unavoidable incident.

3. Marking the wall

Marking lines on the wall is very critical wherever you are tending to place cornices on in order to avoid any misdirection along the installation.

4. Panel pins being hammered

Once you are done with the marking guidelines, you should be hammering the panel pins along the chalk line in order to ensure there are no pipes or cables going along and also that whether the cut section of the cornice is in place or not to carry on with the fitting.

5. Proceed with the coving adhesivenow meticulously apply adhesives on the edges only of the covings since it will be the only part in contact with the surface.

6. Fit the cornices in placeWith careful considerations now place the covings applied with adhesives on to the hammered panel pins stomped onto the wall and firmly push it firmly against it.