How Many Types Of Shower Screens Are There And Which Of The One Is Good For Home Purpose?

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So, as we have discussed in previous article that there are many types of shower screens in Melbourne and I mentioned that we will be discussing in details about the several kind of shower screen with its features and characteristics, so we will be talking all about that, for now. Let’s start from the simplest type of shower screen, the simple shower screen is basically a glass, a solid glass which is not transparent and nor it is opaque as if the shower screen is transparent than there will not be any privacy, further the simple shower screen needed frame to be get installed like a frame of steel, metal and an aluminium in which is get fixed. So this type of shower screen is becoming outdated gradually because of many reasons like first it is not that much strong, secondly it has very less features and looks very simple in your bathroom.

 In an addition, however in your sliding door shower screen you can use the simple shower screen so while you taking shower you can close it down and can have or enjoy the very own private area where you can easily get naked and takes shower without any shyness and fear but if you wanted to add some luxury in your shower experience than there are many other shower screen types and the more advance shower screen you opt the more luxury you can have and so an ultimate shower experience. There are frameless shower screens which installed directly in walls and do not needed any frames so you can feel like that you are in the glass and you can enjoy the feel, like for an example you been in a room which is three sided wall and one side is glass so hopefully you will feel very normal but what if there are two walls completely made up of glass and only two are simple walls, how you feel? Now you will be starting feeling some of the thing different.

Moreover, similarly, when there are all four walls are made up glass and there are no walls so how you will going to feel, you can imagine yourself and when we keep the same thing when you are taking shower so you will feel an amazingly good, because normally we cannot be able to see our complete body for an example even if we stands in the front of mirror so what we can is only front side and when you need to see on your back you cannot, now imagine you are alone in a complete frameless shower screen which is made up glass and you are taking bath and can watch every step you do in the mirrors. Well, there is a lot to say but all I will say is that if you are looking for the sliding door shower screen, frameless shower screens, shower screens, matte black showers and advance type of shower screen so one of the best shower screen suppliers is YSS, visit their website at and explore it by yourself.