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Classic Sturdy Timber Flooring In Perth!

Published / by Indiana Eliott

floorboards perth

If you hope to add a remarkable touch to your house, high quality floorboards in perth are the perfect choice. If it is a rebuild or a new home type, the VCS community will include high-quality furniture, laid wood and timber flooring at moderate expense. We have established a standing as trustworthy deck experts in adapting Perth, WA. Call us, therefore, to see if we can help you!

Perth’s top wood flooring provider:

Founded in 1989, VCS is the largest dealer of timber flooring in Perth, WA. VCS primarily operates in the middle of Osborne Park. VCS relies on Australian hardwoods and preferred imported woods appropriate for the severe local environment. All the support items from adhesives to sealants and floorboards maintenance items like decking oil are also available.

For every step of the project, VCS carries more than 1000 timber flooring items. We deliver a wide range of flooring options whether you’re building a new home or renovating your house. We will provide you with any floorboards options with access to leading hardwood and solid wood floors as well as built floors and more.

We support experts and DIY professionals and are able to configure our services. Bring your plans and concerns, and we’ll do floorboards everything in our power to help you. VCS draws together decades’ insights in order to draw on business expertise to help our recommendations.

VCS is a parent business of the wood mill. We produce our wood from Australia’s certified mills. This helps us to provide fair prices and to ensure timber flooring that the supplied wood meets the requisite quality requirements. VCS is committed to the quality, environmentally friendly, tested, wood floor products supply.

Range of Australia:

  • Australian Reds
  • Chestnut of Australia
  • Oak of Australia
  • Black butt from NSW
  • WA Purple
  • Brush box
  • Oak of Gold

Our product portfolio is comprehensive in each species. Floorboards on flooring, parquetry and decking.

Boards on floors:

Floorboards have a thickness of 19mm. In most timber flooring, the diameter is between 80 mm and 130 mm. We may provide broader boards for certain animals.

Flooring overlay:

The floorboards overlay is meant for concrete or slope. Dimensions range from 12mm and 14mm. The range is between 85mm and 130mm.


The boxes have a diameter of 19 mm and are for external use. The distance is between 60mm and 130mm.


Both 14mm and 19mm thick are parquetry blocks. The default block is 260mm long and 65mm width. OSMO is worth seeing the collection of natural oils.

VCS provides the full timber flooring spectrum of oils for the Australian hardwoods in the area. Crafted from all natural oils and waxes, OSMO oils offer unmatched advantages in very fine mixing.

For anywhere you use wood, there is a suitable floorboards. In-house and external goods are available. These are actually the most highly regarded oils used in all parts of Australia.



Choosing Bathroom Vanities

Published / by Indiana Eliott

Bathrooms are usually the smallest places in many houses, so there is not much you can do about it when it comes to decorating homes. But if you are still looking for ideas to make your bathroom look like an attractive place, then we highly recommend you to invest in some bathroom vanities. Let’s guide you with some tips and tricks on choosing bathroom vanities in Sydney that can make your place turn into something different.

1. Consider Usage
The first thing that you should be doing is to take into account the people who are going to use the bathroom and the essentials in it. The biggest example for this could be that if you are renovating a bathroom for your partner and yourself, then you probably would want to opt for a double sink, or that if you use is alone for yourself you might need more space for your hair and makeup. So when you know the usage, you are easily able to determine the kind of vanity you require.

2. Plumbing
The vanity placing is totally dependent on the plumbing of your bathroom so make sure that before you go on to purchasing your bathroom accessories Sydney, you are seeking consultation from the plumber as this would determine the kind of pluming you should opt for. Since moving your plumbing area is not possible in bathrooms so make sure you are finding something that would suit to your available space only.

3. Storage
Once you have determined the space that is available for plumbing, you can finally go on with purchasing the vanity and storage area for your bathroom. This means that you can finally look for different options and designs that will help you decide the storage areas and the level you require for it. Of course, you might have to compromise on some storage options because of the size issues but if you have a huge bathroom to yourself, you can play with a lot of stuff.

4. Materials
Make sure you are choosing the right materials for yourself when it comes to choosing a vanity for bathrooms. This is because at some point in time, your bathroom vanity will have to come across liquids that may lead to certain damages which could either be excess contact with water, spilled makeup or different kind of cleaning products for bathrooms that have various chemicals in them.

It is highly recommended that you choose bathroom vanities that is highly durable and something that is functional. Clearly, one doesn’t want to put in things set up in the bathroom for the purpose of décor only, in fact, everything that is placed in a bathroom should be useful.

How To Do The Cornice Installations?

Published / by Indiana Eliott

You have just constructed your new house in a nearby neighborhood, now the construction has reached its final stages and within a week you will be handed over the newly structured lodge place. The furnishing still requires certain finishes, but you intend to draw up the equipment to close the job yourself.

The finishing job requires you to install cornices around the house. As much as this job sounds easy and preluding, but in reality, the task is quite complex which needs acute and meticulous measurements in order to avoid any misdirected experimentation. In order to save you from getting misdirected while cornice installation around the house, we are bringing you effective steps in this ultimate guide that will surely help you to complete the task precisely and scrupulously. 

How to install cornice?  The very first that pops in our minds is the question or query regarding what really is a cornice? Cornices are basically decorative pieces or moldings that are installed to join the ceilings of your house to the walls while proffering a clearer and finishing look to the overall aesthetic view. Sometimes called ‘coving’ in other countries, these molds are prepared specifically using plastic, paper or polystyrene of special kind.Just follow the following steps and save yourselves from tippling on the hustle of building up a cornice around your house.

1. Picking just the right tools and equipment

For the very first step, you need to visit the nearby hardware store and pick the relevant materials and tools to initiate with the task. To begin with your shopping spree, you need to pick the cornice shape of your preference. There are various shapes to pick from so choose the one that sits perfect for the view and is even cheap on the pockets. Buying glove is also very essential because you will be working with sharp tools and materials which can prove detrimental if not handled properly. Apart from this you will be needing cornice cement, a container to mix it in, a saw, sandpaper, spatula and a good measuring tape to check out with.

2. Protect your floor underneath

Before you begin with installation you desperately need to cover up the floor of your house where cornices are to be installed by laying plastic sheet or tarpaulin in order to save them from any unavoidable incident.

3. Marking the wall

Marking lines on the wall is very critical wherever you are tending to place cornices on in order to avoid any misdirection along the installation.

4. Panel pins being hammered

Once you are done with the marking guidelines, you should be hammering the panel pins along the chalk line in order to ensure there are no pipes or cables going along and also that whether the cut section of the cornice is in place or not to carry on with the fitting.

5. Proceed with the coving adhesivenow meticulously apply adhesives on the edges only of the covings since it will be the only part in contact with the surface.

6. Fit the cornices in placeWith careful considerations now place the covings applied with adhesives on to the hammered panel pins stomped onto the wall and firmly push it firmly against it. 

What Are The Additional Features That We See In Kitchen Companies?

Published / by Indiana Eliott

When we talk about kitchen, the most important and the basic thing that we need in kitchen is cabinets. We all need multiple cabinets for all the things. If we do not have good number of cabinets in a kitchen then our kitchen looks a mess as we need to adjust many things in our kitchen. We need to store groceries, daily food items, machinery and crockery etc. So, we need to make them as per our convenience. The more the cabinets, the more our kitchen look spacious and good.

There are many kitchen companies who make outstanding kitchens and do kitchen makeovers in less time. When we have to choose a company for a makeover or building a DIY kitchen, we need to see following things that they can make and have multiple designs for it.

Flat Pack Kitchen Cabinets:

Flat pack kitchen cabinets are ideal for those people who like to change their residential address. It is also a good option for offices as well. It is basically a do it yourself kind of kitchen. Companies make the cabinets and handover to us. We ourselves install the cabinets as per our convenience and choices. We can easily remove and shift the cabinets anywhere we want.

Entertainment Units:

We have seen many people who like to watch tv or like to have a good sound system where they work. If we talk specifically about kitchen, we need to spend like an hour or more in a kitchen. People like that get bored standing inside a kitchen. So, they need an custom made entertainment units near a kitchen. They can easily cook food and enjoy their time standing inside. If we have someone like that at home then we need to hunt for a company who provide this facility as well.

General Joinery:

General joinery can be anything. Let’s say, a housewife wants to teach her kids at home. She wants that kids learn under hr supervision. She needs an independent space for her kids near a kitchen. She can easily have her eyes on their homework and activities. The joinery doesn’t look odd or out of the focus. Only a good company can work on it.

Pantry Cabinets:

We have different thing in our grocery. A pantry cabinet is necessary. We can’t hunt for small things like a packet of spaghetti for a kid who is throwing tantrums badly. We need an organised pantry cabinet for the convenient management.

If you have been looking for a company related to kitchen renovation in Sydney then your hunt is over. Custom flat pack Sydney has been offering all the above features under one roof. You can contact our service department for further details.

Steps To Keep Your House Clean With Kids

Published / by Indiana Eliott

Having little kids around can create a disaster at home with regard to tidiness and cleanliness. Your little one might have the least concern on keeping the house clean, however it is your responsibility as a parent to you teach them the value of being organized and clean. Kids are extremely active and would simply be running around with so much energy in them. So here are some of the easy steps you can take to keep a clean house with kids.

Everything has a place

Kids love playing around the house with every possible object they could find. It is extremely important to teach them that every object has a designated place and whoever takes it should put it back.  This way, you will know where each of the items is kept. Come up with notices or lists of items that should go in each place and stick them nearby. For example, put up a list of items that should be in each cupboard shelf on the cupboard door. This way, if you are in search of an item you can browse through the list and find the exact shelf that the object lies on. Also, teach them that every activity has a place. They should not be able to eat in the TV room as the leftover food particles attract rodents and you’ll have to call a professional rodent control company to solve the problem.

Involve them in chores

If you involve them in chores from a young age itself, they will incorporate these habits into their lives very easily. Kids above 5 years of age can get easy tasks done so don’t be afraid to give them some responsibilities. You can have a cleaning chart set at home and ask your little ones to follow it.  Separate one day to water the plants, another time to clean their rooms, to feed the dog etc. They will learn the importance of cleanliness and you will be saved from pest control problems.

Establish play time

Play time is the time when your house will get the messiest. You cannot expect kids to not get messy as it brings the whole fun of play time. Advise them, not every toy set that catches their eye need to be played with. If they are to move to another play item, the previous one should go back to where it came from.  Incorporate a timetable into the play time where you could allocate a few minutes at the end to clean whatever mess they made so that they can spend the last 10 minutes of playtime to put back the toys. 

Everything You Need To Know About Renovating A Bathroom!

Published / by Indiana Eliott

In every household, there is always going to be a single or more bathrooms available as the bathroom is an essential part that must be consisting in every home. Maintaining one’s household is a job that must be done accordingly by each and every house owner and that included maintaining the bathroom as well. Almost every responsible house owner wishes to look after his or her home in a very pleasant manner as one’s home is a special place. If you are also a house owner, then you too must know how to responsibly look after your household bathroom. It is important to maintain bathrooms in a certain household and some people tend to make renovations as well. If you are also a house owner hoping to make new bathroom renovations then it is a must that you are aware of how to do so. As there are many details you must know about bathroom renovation, here are the three most easy ways of how you can renovate your bathroom!

Maintenance and renovation is important

Sometimes, certain households tend to have bathroom which are not only unhygienic but are also outdated in more ways than one. Such bathrooms have high possibility to spreading germs and harmful bacteria to the rest of the household and this must not happen. All individuals wish to live a healthy and happy life at home and therefore maintaining bathroom accordingly is a must. When it comes to maintaining, you can also think about renovations as well. Understanding about Canberra renovation costs and other details regarding so will allow you to make the necessary renovations that your household bathroom is in need of!

Call in for expert help

Bathroom renovation projects are being done by many house owners nowadays and in order to do it in the best way, you must make sure to call in for a professional renovation service. Professional bathroom renovators are highly qualified and skilled to provide you with the services that you are wanting. Whether you wish to get a new bathroom design in Canberra made for a new home or even a simple installation, hiring the help of a professional service is what you must do!

Steps to ensure good maintenance

When you have renovated your household bathroom, it is important that you understand how it must be maintained there on after. Good maintenance of newly renovated bathrooms will allow you to always keep a beautiful and hygienic bathroom in your home for many years to come!